The objective of this study is to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of deferiprone and its 3-O-glucuronide metabolite following administration of a single 1500 mg dose of Ferriprox in patients with sickle cell disease. The study, sponsored by ApoPharma, starts in May 2013 and the expected completion date is July 2013.


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The study will seek to enroll 100 sickle cell or thalassemia patients who are age 12 or older who have access to a smartphone or tablet with Internet access daily. It will evaluate patient-reported comfort level with using a mobile device to record their pain levels, as well as adherence to recording these levels daily and it will track patients' assessment of their pain, actions taken, and outcomes related to pain management and provider involvement. This study will attempt to collect information about differences in the use of two traditional pain assessment modes (verbal scale and paper) versus the use of a pain assessment tool on a mobile device in the form of a smartphone, tablet, or iPad with an Android or iOS operating system.


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The purpose of this study is to assess the non-inferiority of DFP compared to DFX (deferasirox)in paediatric patients affected by hereditary haemoglobinopathies requiring chronic transfusions and chelation. Non inferiority will be established in terms of percentage of patients successfully chelated, as assessed by serum ferritin levels (in all patients) and cardiac MRI T2* (in patients above 10 years of age able to have an MRI scan without sedation).


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Given large absolute numbers of individuals with sickle cell disease in Nigeria, hydroxyurea therapy for all individuals with sickle cell disease may not be initially feasible; however, a targeted strategy of hydroxyurea use for primary prevention of strokes is an alternative to the standard therapy (observation) for high-risk individuals. The investigators therefore propose a feasibility study, Sickle Cell Disease - Stroke Prevention in Nigeria (SPIN) Trial, to determine whether hydroxyurea can be used for primary prevention of strokes in Nigerian children with sickle cell anemia.


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