This research study is a Phase II clinical trial, which tests the safety and effectiveness of an investigational drug called Regadenoson (or Lexiscan) to learn whether the drug works in treating a specific disease, in this case Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). In this research study, the investigators are specifically looking to see if Regadenoson is an effective treatment for pain crises and acute chest syndrome in SCD.


More Information: clinicaltrials.gov, ITHANET Clinical Trials

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Two new articles were added in IthaPedia under the Category Tag "Educational resources". The aim of this section is to create an online repository of educational articles, written by experts on the corresponding topic, that will be useful for both patients and scientists. The first two articles are entitled "The human hemoglobin molecule" (written by Henri Wajcman) and "Abnormal hemoglobins" (written by Henri Wajcman and Kamran Moradkhani).


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The BABY HUG Treatment Study was designed to see if treatment with the drug hydroxyurea (also called HU) in children with sickle cell disease could prevent organ damage, especially in the spleen and kidneys. There was also a chance that treatment could prevent painful crises, lung disease, stroke, and blood infection.


More Information: clinicaltrials.gov, ITHANET Clinical Trials



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The primary aim of this study is to measure zinc status and related proteins in patients with Thalassemia who have or do not have diabetes. The secondary aim will be to explore the effect of zinc supplementation on glucose metabolism in patients with thalassemia. It is estimated that the study, which started in November 2012, will be completed in December 2014.


More information: clinicaltrials.gov, ITHANET Clinical Trials