ERN-EuroBloodNet launches a European platform on haemoglobinopathy and COVID-19 patients

ERN-EuroBloodNet has established a European collaborative platform for collecting information to quickly identify the impact of COVID-19 on patients with red blood cell disorders, especially sickle cell disease and thalassaemia, and to understand the impact of risk factors, including age and disease complications on the course and severity of COVID-19 infection. The proposed registry has been developed by Vall d'Hebron Research Institute using Redcap, a secure web application for building and managing online databases. The network of hospitals created from this registry will continuously analyse the information on the clinical management and outcomes in hematological patients and will collaboratively make recommendations for COVID-19 management in this group of patients. Additionally, this collaborative effort will support daily medical practice and enable inter-professional consultation of complex cases. Individual patients' data will be gathered in a codified way. For more information, see here.