Expansion of the ITHANET Community Portal

We are proud to announce the successful receipt of funding from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation to expand the ITHANET Community Portal. This 3-year grant award runs in collaboration with Thalassaemia International Federation and the HVP Global Globin 2020 Challenge. It will support the expansion of the website's functionality and platform to accommodate the following main objectives:

  • IthaMaps; enhancement of epidemiological data through demographic and region-specific annotations, also including information about the impact of migration on haemoglobinopathy epidemiology globally.
  • IthaGenes; standardized interpretation of haemoglobinopathy-related variations as part of ClinGen-affiliated Haemoglobinopathy Variant Curation Expert Panel (VCEP).
  • IthaPhen; development of the first haemoglobinopathy-specific genotype-phenotype database.

These improvements will create a more informative and user-friendly interface that will benefit patients and caregivers, as well as the scientific community, medical professionals, public policy officials, and members of the media who search information about haemoglobinopathies. The information on the ITHANET Portal is free and available to everyone.