IthaID: 3410

Names and Sequences

Functionality: Disease modifying mutation Pathogenicity: N/A
Common Name: rs9494142 HGVS Name: NC_000006.12:g.135110502T>C

Context nucleotide sequence:

Also known as: rs11154792

Comments: SNP is located within an enhancer-like regulatory sequence 71 kb upstream of the MYB transcriptional start site (-71 LDB1 complex binding site) adjacent to a GATA1 motif. The rs9494142 C allele disrupts a stretch of 3 A/T residues adjacent to the “TATC” core GATA1 motif, affecting long-range MYB regulation [PMID: 24614105]. SNP associated with elevated HbF levels in African-Americans (CSSCD cohort) [PMID: 21057501] and Cameroonians [PMID: 24667352] with sickle-cell disease (SCD), as well as in Chinese cohorts with β-thalassaemia [PMID: 18697826, 22023465, 27835778, 28361591]. An association with a HbF level > 40% was detected in β-thalassaemia patients from the Eastern Province of Saudi-Arabia [PMID: 28280727]. The association with HbF levels was not replicated in healthy Chinese subjects [PMID: 18697826] or in SCD cohorts of African-Caribbean (Jamaican, Trinidanian) or West African (Nigerian, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean) descent [PMID: 21068433]. Also, SNP associated with F cell levels in families of Northern European ancestry (Twins U.K. Adult Twin Registry) [PMID: 17592125]. The association signal varied across healthy African-descended populations from Jamaica and was detected in European expatriates and the Afro-German cohort. The association with F cell numbers was not replicated in healthy Afro-Caribbean subjects or in patients with sickle cell anaemia of African origin [PMID: 19148297].

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Allele Phenotype (Cis):N/A
Allele Phenotype (Trans):N/A
Associated Phenotypes: Hb F levels [HP:0011904] [OMIM:141749]
F-cell numbers


Chromosome: 6
Locus: NT_025741.15
Locus Location: N/A
Size: 1 bp
Located at: HBS1L-MYB
Specific Location: N/A

Other details

Type of Mutation: Point-Mutation(Substitution)
Effect on Gene/Protein Function: N/A
Ethnic Origin: African-American, Chinese, Northern Europeans, Jamaican, Cameroonian, Saudi
Molecular mechanism: N/A
Inheritance: Quantitative trait
DNA Sequence Determined: Yes

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Publications / Origin

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