GeneID: 451


Common Name: BGLT3 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 11 (NC_000011.10) Locus: NG_000007.3 (β-locus)
HUGO Symbol: BGLT3 Full Name: beta globin locus transcript 3
Exons: 1 Introns: N/A

BGLT3 is an erythroid-specific long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) implicated in the regulation of γ-globin gene expression. The transcription of BGLT3 is consistently associated with γ-globin transcription in erythroid cells. Deletion of BGLT3 using CRISPR/Cas9 editing shows that it specifically contributes to regulation of γ-globin genes. Experiments showed that the BGLT3 region is occupied by the NLI/Ldb1 core complex, indicating that γ-globin transcription or silencing is mediated through long-range LCR interactions that involved looping from the BGLT3 sequences to the γ-globin genes. The BGLT3 region is also occupied by the transcriptional repressor ETO2 (via NL1/Ldb1 complex) and the γ-globin repressor BCL11A. In high-HbF cells (mainly γ-globin expression), BGLT3 transcription is upregulated and the participation of the ETO2 in the NLI/Ldb1 complex and BCL11A occupancy at BGLT3 in reduced. BGLT3 can regulate γ-globin transcripion via multiple mechanisms, including maintaining an enhancer-like state, looping to the γ-globin genes and recruiting coregulators, possibly through the BGLT3 transcript itself. Sequence variation associated with γ-globin levels in sickle cell patients and a sample of carriers of β-thalassaemia mutations.

Synonyms: N/A


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Publications / Origin

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