GeneID: 425


Common Name: LMO2 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 11 (NC_000011.10) Locus: NM_005574.4 (LMO2)
HUGO Symbol: LMO2 Full Name: LIM domain only 2
Exons: 6 Introns: 5

LMO2 encodes a cysteine-rich, two LIM-domain protein that is required for yolk sac erythropoiesis. The LMO2 protein has a central and crucial role in hematopoietic development and is highly conserved. It interacts with GATA1, TAL1 and LDB1 to form a transcription factor complex that in turn binds to E-box/GATA motifs that are frequent in regulatory elements of erythroid-specific genes. This complex binds to both the locus control region (LCR) and globin gene promoters during erythroid differentiation.

Synonyms: TTG2 , LMO-2 , RBTN2 , RHOM2 , RBTNL1


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Publications / Origin

  1. Iarovaia OV, Kovina AP, Petrova NV, Razin SV, Ioudinkova ES, Vassetzky YS, Ulianov SV, Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms of β-Globin Gene Switching., Biochemistry (Mosc), 83(4), 381-392, 2018 PubMed
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