GeneID: 417


Common Name: KLRC4-KLRK1 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 12 (NC_000012.12) Locus: NM_001199805.1 (KLRC4-KLRK1)
HUGO Symbol: KLRC4-KLRK1 Full Name: KLRC4-KLRK1 readthrough
Exons: 13 Introns: 12

This locus represents naturally occurring read-through transcription between the neighboring KLRC4 (killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily C, member 4) and KLRK1 (killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily K, member 1) genes on chromosome 12. The read-through transcript includes an alternate 5' exon and lacks a significant portion of the KLRC4 coding sequence, including the start codon, and it thus encodes the KLRK1 protein. KLRK1 functions as an activating and costimulatory receptor involved in immunosurveillance upon binding to various cellular stress-inducible ligands displayed at the surface of autologous tumor cells and virus-infected cells. Genetic variance in this locus associated with retinopathy in sickle cell disease.

Synonyms: N/A


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Publications / Origin

  1. Tozatto-Maio K, Girot R, Ly ID, Silva Pinto AC, Rocha V, Fernandes F, Diagne I, Benzerara Y, Dinardo CL, Soler JP, Kashima S, Araujo IL, Kenzey C, Fonseca GHH, Rodrigues ES, Volt F, Jarduli L, Ruggeri A, Mariaselvam C, Gualandro SFM, Rafii H, Cappelli B, Nogueira FM, Scigliuolo GM, Guerino-Cunha RL, Malmegrim KCR, Simões BP, Gluckman E, Tamouza R, Polymorphisms in Inflammatory Genes Modulate Clinical Complications in Patients With Sickle Cell Disease., Front Immunol, 11(0), 2041, 2020 PubMed
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