GeneID: 345


Common Name: SCP4 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 15 (NC_000015.10) Locus: NM_016396.3 (CTDSPL2)
HUGO Symbol: CTDSPL2 Full Name: CTD small phosphatase like 2
Exons: 13 Introns: 12

The product encoded by this gene is a distant member of the FCP/SCP phosphatase family. It contains a CTD phosphatase catalytic domain (CPDc) and the gene is 47% homologous to FCP1. It functions as a Smad phosphatase in the nucleus. It physically interacts with and specifically dephosphorylates Smad1/5/8 at the C-terminal SXS motif, and as a result attenuates the BMP signaling pathway. CTDSPL2 gene expression is increased during erythroid differentiation and has been experimentally shown to significantly improve expression of embryonic and fetal globin genes in K562 cells and human cord blood-derived CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells.

Synonyms: HSPC058 , HSPC129 , FLJ10523


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Publications / Origin

  1. Ma YN, Zhang X, Yu HC, Zhang JW, CTD small phosphatase like 2 (CTDSPL2) can increase ε- and γ-globin gene expression in K562 cells and CD34+ cells derived from umbilical cord blood., BMC Cell Biol., 11(0), 75, 2010 PubMed
  2. Zhao Y, Xiao M, Sun B, Zhang Z, Shen T, Duan X, Yu PB, Feng XH, Lin X, C-terminal domain (CTD) small phosphatase-like 2 modulates the canonical bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling and mesenchymal differentiation via Smad dephosphorylation., J. Biol. Chem., 289(38), 26441-50, 2014 PubMed
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