GeneID: 289


Common Name: LYAR Type: Gene
Chromosome: 4 (NC_000004.12) Locus: NM_017816.3 (LYAR)
HUGO Symbol: LYAR Full Name: Ly1 antibody reactive
Exons: 10 Introns: 9

LYAR (Ly1 antibody reactive) is a zinc-finger transcription factor that binds to the 5'-GGTTAT-3' region of the 5' UTR of the Aγ-globin gene. It directly interacts with and recruits the methyltransferase PRMT5, which induces the repressive epigenetic mark H4R3me2s, in turn silencing γ-globin gene expression. LYAR knockdown leads to reactivation of embryonic β-like globin genes in MEL cells and to reactivation of Hb F in human erythroid cells. The rs368698783 G>A polymorphism resides in the LYAR-binding site of the Aγ-globin gene, attenuating binding of LYAR and its complexes to the target DNA sequence.

Synonyms: ZC2HC2 , ZLYAR


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Publications / Origin

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