GeneID: 263


Common Name: FLG2 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 1 (NC_000001.11) Locus: NM_001014342.2 (FLG2)
HUGO Symbol: FLG2 Full Name: filaggrin family member 2
Exons: 3 Introns: 2

The FLG2 gene encodes a member of the S100 fused-type protein (SFTP) family. It is a histidine- and glutamine-rich protein of approximately 248 kDa with structural features shared by the filaggrin (FLG) group. The SFTP proteins are essential components that maintain epithelial homeostasis and barrier function. FLG2 is expressed in several tissues, including skin, thymus, stomach, tonsils, testis and placenta, and is upregulated upon Ca2+ stimulation in cultured keratinocytes. It is essential for normal cell-cell adhesion in the cornified cell layers, as well as for proper integrity and mechanical strength of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Defects in this gene have been associated with skin diseases. A variant in FLG2 associated with persistent atopic dermatitis and is also a probable contributor to a genetic predisposition to leg ulcers in sickle cell anaemia, possibly because it weakens the protective barrier of the skin, compromising healing.

Synonyms: IFPS , PSS6


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Publications / Origin

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