GeneID: 255


Common Name: CERS4 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 19 (NC_000019.10) Locus: N/A
HUGO Symbol: CERS4 Full Name: ceramide synthase 4
Exons: 12 Introns: 11

The CERS4 gene encodes the enzyme ceramide synthase, which is involved in the de novo synthesis of ceramides. Ceramides are lipid molecules composed of sphingosine with a fatty acid, and are found in the cell membrane. Ceramide plays an important role as a modulator of membrane structure, also contributing to a variety of cellular signalling events, including proliferation, differentiation and programmed cell death. CERS4 is a member of a family of six ceramide synthases (CERS), each of which synthesizes ceramides with distinct acyl chain lengths. CERS catalyze the formation of an amide linkage between a fatty acyl-CoA and a sphingoid long chain base. CERS4 uses fatty acyl-CoA substrates of chain lengths from C18 to C20. The CERS4 gene is expressed at low levels in all tissues, but more prominently in skin, leukocytes, heart and liver. A CERS4 variant associated with leukocytosis in sickle cell anaemia.

Synonyms: Trh1 , LASS4


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Publications / Origin

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