GeneID: 251


Common Name: ZFHX4 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 8 (NC_000008.11) Locus: N/A
HUGO Symbol: ZFHX4 Full Name: zinc finger homeobox 4
Exons: 11 Introns: 10

The ZFHX4 gene is a member of the zinc finger-homeodomain family of transcription factors with prominent expression in the developing brain, liver and muscle. It may be involved in neural and muscle differentiation. The encoded protein contains four homeodomains and 22 zinc fingers. Exon 11 carries all the four homeodomains and four of the 22 zinc fingers, suggesting that these motifs function together. It is a candidate gene for congenital bilateral isolated ptosis. A ZFHX4 variant has been associated with leukocytosis in sickle cell anaemia, suggesting a potential role for this gene in haematopoiesis.

Synonyms: ZFH4 , ZHF4


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Publications / Origin

  1. McMullan TW, Crolla JA, Gregory SG, Carter NP, Cooper RA, Howell GR, Robinson DO, A candidate gene for congenital bilateral isolated ptosis identified by molecular analysis of a de novo balanced translocation., Hum. Genet., 110(3), 244-50, 2002 PubMed
  2. Hemmi K, Ma D, Miura Y, Kawaguchi M, Sasahara M, Hashimoto-Tamaoki T, Tamaoki T, Sakata N, Tsuchiya K, A homeodomain-zinc finger protein, ZFHX4, is expressed in neuronal differentiation manner and suppressed in muscle differentiation manner., Biol. Pharm. Bull., 29(9), 1830-5, 2006 PubMed
  3. Schaefer BA, Flanagan JM, Alvarez OA, Nelson SC, Aygun B, Nottage KA, George A, Roberts CW, Piccone CM, Howard TA, Davis BR, Ware RE, Genetic Modifiers of White Blood Cell Count, Albuminuria and Glomerular Filtration Rate in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia., PLoS ONE , 11(10), e0164364, 2016 PubMed
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