GeneID: 236


Common Name: SIRT1 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 10 (NC_000010.11) Locus: NG_050664.1 (SIRT1)
HUGO Symbol: SIRT1 Full Name: sirtuin 1
Exons: 9 Introns: 8

This gene encodes a member of the sirtuin family of proteins, homologs to the yeast Sir2 protein. Members of the sirtuin family are characterized by a sirtuin core domain and grouped into four classes. The functions of human sirtuins have not yet been determined; however, yeast sirtuin proteins are known to regulate epigenetic gene silencing and suppress recombination of rDNA. Studies suggest that the human sirtuins may function as intracellular regulatory proteins with mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase activity. The protein encoded by this gene is included in class I of the sirtuin family. The SIRT1 gene encodes a nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide (NAD)-dependent deacetylase and is involved in the regulation of higher-order chromatin structure. SIRT1 regulates γ-globin gene (HBG) transcription. It activates HBG expression through facilitating LCR looping to the HBG promoter, inhibiting the expression of transcriptional suppressors of HBG, and indirectly increasing histone acetylation in HBG promoter. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Synonyms: SIR2 , SIR2L1 , SIR2alpha


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Publications / Origin

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