Evaluation of Sickle Cell Liver Disease


Stem cell transplant is currently the only cure for SCD and at the NIH SCD hepatopathy is one of the indications for transplant. It is currently not known if stem cell transplant reverses SCD liver disease hence we intend to study and compare the nature of SCD liver disease pre and post stem cell transplant and in transplant ineligible patients. All SCD patients will be screened for liver disease prior to enrollment including fibroscan evaluation. Primary end point is histological evidence of regression of liver disease. Hence all patients in the transplant eligible arm will undergo liver biopsy pre and 12-18 months post transplant. Transplant ineligible patients will be offered liver biopsy when clinically indicated. Patients that have already undergone transplant will be included and their data evaluated retrospectively. Serum and plasma, liver tissue and stool samples will be evaluated extensively for parameters such as liver function tests, iron metabolism, clotting factors, and inflammatory markers including microbial products. The intention of the study is to use sickle cell disease as a model of predicting markers of progression and regression of liver disease.

More information: clinicaltrials.gov, ITHANET Clinical Trials