GeneID: 431


Common Name: LINC01102 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 2 (NC_000002.12) Locus: NR_015399.1 (LINC01102)
HUGO Symbol: LINC01102 Full Name:  long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1102
Exons: 4 Introns: 3

LINC01102 is a long non-protein coding RNA molecule. Genetic variance in LINC01102 associated with disease severity in ╬▓-thalassaemia HbE patients.

Synonyms: N/A


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  1. Sherva R, Sripichai O, Abel K, Ma Q, Whitacre J, Angkachatchai V, Makarasara W, Winichagoon P, Svasti S, Fucharoen S, Braun A, Farrer LA, Genetic modifiers of Hb E/beta0 thalassemia identified by a two-stage genome-wide association study., BMC Med. Genet. , 11(0), 51, 2010
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