GeneID: 42


Common Name: LDB1 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 10 (NC_000010.11) Locus: N/A
HUGO Symbol: LDB1 Full Name: LIM domain binding 1
Exons: 11 Introns: 10

LDB1 is a widely expressed nuclear protein that participates in the formation of large multi-component complexes with important functions in cell-fate determination, cytoskeletal organization and tissue development. The encoded protein also participates in chromatin looping and transcription activation. In primary erythroid cells, LDB1 helps facilitate long-range enhancer-promoter interactions in the β-globin locus and forms a core component of transcription complexes (such as TAL1, LMO2 and GATA1) that physically link the β-globin LCR (LCRB) and β-like globin genes during erythropoiesis.

Synonyms: CLIM2 , NLI


Publications / Origin

  1. Mukhopadhyay M, Teufel A, Yamashita T, Agulnick AD, Chen L, Downs KM, Schindler A, Grinberg A, Huang SP, Dorward D, Westphal H, Functional ablation of the mouse Ldb1 gene results in severe patterning defects during gastrulation., Development , 130(3), 495-505, 2003
  2. Deng W, Lee J, Wang H, Miller J, Reik A, Gregory PD, Dean A, Blobel GA, Controlling long-range genomic interactions at a native locus by targeted tethering of a looping factor., Cell , 149(6), 1233-44, 2012
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