GeneID: 374


Common Name: KLF4 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 9 (NC_000009.12) Locus: NM_004235.6 (KLF4)
HUGO Symbol: KLF4 Full Name: Kruppel like factor 4
Exons: 5 Introns: 4

This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the Kruppel family of transcription factors. Members of this family regulate gene expression an dare involved in a variety of biological processes, including differentiation, proliferation, development and apoptosis. The encoded zinc finger protein is required for normal development of the barrier function of skin. It is thought to control the G1-to-S transition of the cell cycle following DNA damage by mediating the tumor suppressor gene p53.Plays an important role in maintaining embryonic stem cells, and in preventing their differentiation. Genomic variants in the KLF4 gene may be considered as potential pharmacogenomic biomarkers, predicting response to hydroxyurea treatment.

Synonyms: EZF , GKLF


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Publications / Origin

  1. Stratopoulos A, Kolliopoulou A, Karamperis K, John A, Kydonopoulou K, Esftathiou G, Sgourou A, Kourakli A, Vlachaki E, Chalkia P, Theodoridou S, Papadakis MN, Gerou S, Symeonidis A, Katsila T, Ali BR, Papachatzopoulou A, Patrinos GP, Genomic variants in members of the Krüppel-like factor gene family are associated with disease severity and hydroxyurea treatment efficacy in β-hemoglobinopathies patients., Pharmacogenomics, 20(11), 791-801, 2019 PubMed
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