GeneID: 350


Common Name: COUPTFII Type: Gene
Chromosome: 15 (NC_000015.10) Locus: NG_016753.1 (NR2F2)
HUGO Symbol: NR2F2 Full Name: nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F member 2
Exons: 3 Introns: 2

This gene encodes a member of the steroid/thyroid hormone superfamily of nuclear receptors. The encoded protein is a ligand-activated transcription factor (TF) that is involved in the regulation of many different genes. NR2F2, commonly referred to as COUP-TFII (chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter TF II), plays a central role in the transcriptional regulation of γ-globin genes. It acts as a negative regulator of fetal haemoglobin (HbF) levels. In the γ-promoter, COUP-TFII binds to the distal CCAAT region, preventing NF-Y binding to this overlapping region. COUP-TFII repression may contribute to the hereditary persistence of HbF phenotype. COUP-TFII interacts with the Erk1/2 MAPK pathway, which is involved in erythroid differentiation. COUP-TFII binds BCL11A at two motifs (RID1 and RID2), forming a repressor complex that is able to bind to key regulation regions in γ-globin genes.

Synonyms: ARP1 , ARP-1 , CHTD4 , NF-E3 , SVP40 , COUPTF2 , COUPTFB , TFCOUP2


Publications / Origin

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