GeneID: 274


Common Name: CDHR3 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 7 (NC_000007.14) Locus: NM_152750.5 (CDHR3)
HUGO Symbol: CDHR3 Full Name: cadherin related family member 3
Exons: 19 Introns: 18

The CDHR3 gene encodes cadherin-related family member 3, a related member of the cadherin family of transmembrane proteins. Cadherins possess Ca2+-dependent tandemly repeated extracellular domains that mediate cell adhesion processes, such as cell-cell interactions, cell signalling, epithelial polarity and tissue differentiation. CDHR3 is predominantly expressed in ciliated airway epithelial cells, is a recognized receptor for rhinovirus-C entry into host cells and has been identified as a susceptibility locus for severe respiratory illnesses and asthma hospitalizations. Cadherins (specifically, E-cadherin) play an important role in the maturation of erythroid precursors, while evidence indicates that the level of Hb F synthesis varies during erythroid development and maturation. A variation in CDHR3 associated with Hb F response to hydroxyurea in sickle cell disease cohorts.

Synonyms: "FLJ44366 , FLJ23834 , CDH28"


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Publications / Origin

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