GeneID: 21


Common Name: LOC389842-MAGEB18 Type: Intergenic Region
Chromosome: X (NC_000023.11) Locus: NT_167197.1 (LOC389842-MAGEB18)
HUGO Symbol: N/A Full Name: N/A
Exons: N/A Introns: N/A

OC389842 is a RAN binding protein 1 pseudogene. MAGEB18 may enhance ubiquitin ligase activity of RING-type zinc finger-containing E3 ubiquitin-protein ligases. Proposed to act through recruitment and/or stabilization of the Ubl-conjugating enzyme (E2) at the E3:substrate complex. SNPs in the LOC389842-MAGEB18 region associated with F-cell levels in sickle cell patients.

Synonyms: N/A


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Publications / Origin

  1. Doyle JM, Gao J, Wang J, Yang M, Potts PR, MAGE-RING protein complexes comprise a family of E3 ubiquitin ligases., Mol. Cell , 39(6), 963-74, 2010 PubMed
  2. Bhatnagar P, Purvis S, Barron-Casella E, DeBaun MR, Casella JF, Arking DE, Keefer JR, Genome-wide association study identifies genetic variants influencing F-cell levels in sickle-cell patients., J. Hum. Genet. , 56(4), 316-23, 2011 PubMed
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