GeneID: 174


Common Name: F5 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 1 (NC_000001.11) Locus: NG_011806.1 (F5)
HUGO Symbol: F5 Full Name: Coagulation factor V
Exons: 25 Introns: 24

The F5 gene encodes coagulation factor V, an essential cofactor of the blood coagulation cascade. This factor circulates in an inactive form, and is cleaved by α-thrombin to produce the activated form, factor Va. Interaction of factor Va with factor Xa forms a prothrombinase complex on anionic phospholipid membranes, which catalyzes the conversion of prothrombin to α-thrombin. α-thrombin, in turn, converts fibrinogen into long strands of insoluble fibrin, which facilitates clotting of blood at the site of vascular injury. The α-thrombin required for factor V activation during the early phase of the coagulation process is derived from factor Xa cleavage of phospholipid-bound prothrombin via the prethrombin 2 pathway. Defects in this gene result in either an autosomal recessive hemorrhagic diathesis or an autosomal dominant form of thrombophilia, which is known as activated protein C resistance.

Synonyms: FVL , PCCF , THPH2 , RPRGL1


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Publications / Origin

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